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Today, all software is hybrid


As pointed out during a recent Open Source Think Tank, there is no such thing as a purely proprietary software product anymore. All companies are, to some extent, hybrid, including open source developed codes within, under or around their own innovations.

So how do you determine the value of open source, either in adoption or in submission. Does it make sense to open your own code to the outside, and if so, what's the value.

OSB Technologies was formed in 2003 to help companies navigate the murky waters of open source software, to realize value from open source investments. As such OSB Technologies has developed working models for both internal adoption of such technologies, as well as guidelines for the release of formerly proprietary code to open source.

OSB Technologies now advises and delivers on the investment potential for all technologies, focusing on the the ever changing nature of the industry and the market.

OSB Technologies helps navigate not just today's business and technology choices, but focuses on where technology is going in the future.

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